FINAL TOUCH Glass Restoration - Make Your Old Windows Look Brand New !
                               Final Touch Glass
                           Restoration & Polishing
We provide a glass cleaning service that will make your old windows look 'brand new' once again. If your home windows, shower doors or your vehicle glass has any of the following...Water Spots, Oxidation, Tree Sap, Paint Over spray or any other unidentifiable MUCK stuck to them, give us a call @ (808) 344-5519
We us an all natural polish that safely cleanse glass, tile, porcelain, fiberglass, and stainless. Removes hard water stains, rust, soapscum. No chemical, perfumes or dyes !
We are now offering toilet bowl calcium stain removal ...that nasty ring that forms at the water line inside your toilet. You can check out some photos below.

Simply apply with a damp cloth, rub briskly in back and forth motion. When glass squeaks it's clean. For badly obscure shower doors use #oooo steel wool.(do not use steel wool on auto glass!)

Coming soon!
Final Touch Water Spot Remover.

Final Touch.....4oz jar.............$4.99
Final Touch.....8oz jar.............$8.99

Shipping and handling: $4.95 per jar.

Soon you will be able to purchase Final Touch Water Spot Remover directly from this site but in the meanwhile if you would like to buy some and you have a PayPal account you can email me your email address along with the amount you would like to purchase. I will then be able to send you an invoice through PayPal and you just fill out the information and return it to me. Once payment is confirmed I will put your order in the mail and you will receive it in a several days.

Toilet bowl stain removal Photos
Click on the photos to view larger.

   Before (1)                                                                       Before (2)   


Shower Door Water spot removal

Below:Removed water spots on the left side door.




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